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Digital Revolution has removed communication barrier and created a vast scope for global trade. B2B lead generation is primary task for a business. Today no business can afford to ignore this medium where they can find their potential buyers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the past, it was a costly affair to set up your international offices in every country and do marketing activities individually, but digital media has changed the trend. Nowadays, a small business can market their product or services to any part of world with the help of digital marketing tools.

A well crafted digital marketing strategy can allow you to generate more and more B2B leads. The goal with digital marketing strategy is to position yourself at the right place on right time. A proper marketing strategy involves right use of following digital marketing tools:

( A ) Social Marketing : Social media a great addition to the promotional mix to reach people where they gather. Nowadays people gather online using social media, so that’s where you also need to be. Social media is a perfectly fine source of leads. You need to make sure that the social media visitor goes to your website. You should provide multiple links to the important pages of your website that will capture those leads with email subscription, free offers, sign ups etc.

( B ) Search Engine Optimization : It involves finding important keywords and search phrases your buyer persona is used when thinking about the products and services that you offer, and then seamlessly integrate these into your content to help you move up the listings and get found in organic searches.

( C ) Search engine marketing: Competition is growing day by day on the internet. Pay Per Click or PPC advertising can increase your visibility on Google. Google advertising allows you to target by location and behavior.

( D ) Website Optimization : The website optimization process can involve landing page optimization, changing  web design and layout. This will starts with knowing your target customer well.  Knowledge of detailed customer personas  can allow you to create good consumer engagement.

( E ) Content Marketing: To attract more prospective customers and drive new traffic to your website, your website content has to have value to your prospects.

Write content in such a way which answers customer query and create value for them.

( F ) Email Marketing and Lead Management : Every business should have proper lead nurturing plan to convert generated leads into sales. Email marketing can help to nurture your lead with informative content. Help your prospect customer to get information and proper analysis about product or services.


Carefully plan and select your digital marketing tool so it helps you to generate more leads without much spending. Globexo offers all these services under one umbrella. Just send your need and get customized digital solution with free web audit report.





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