Email enables immediate, direct communication and is still one of the most efficient and flexible online channel. Email is a best way to connect with customer or prospective customers who have given their details on your website. When properly implemented, Email marketing can provide your business with various ways to target your leads. Our Email Marketing services can provide higher lead engagement and increased conversions with minimum cost.  

“74% of prospects prefer to receive commercial communications via email.”

email marketing services

Why email marketing

  • Low cost Internet marketing channel to connect with your target
  • Simple and quick
  • Generate Leads & Sales
  • Stay top of mind
  • Easily customizable
  • Relationship focused
  • Action oriented
  • Data driven & Measureable

Email Marketing Strategy

We will help you, to design your email marketing strategy and execute in such a way that will generate good leads, Consumer engagement and sales. We follow a well tested path to develop email campaign. It involves:

A. Designing Simple, personalize and spam-free email: We design proper email template to be used in different steps of Marketing. We check this for spam. Our designed email will be simple, strong, proper use of call to action and SEO friendly. We segment the target audience and deliver personalize email.

B. Proper set up on website to acquire opt-in email address: It can include email letter sign-up, E-Brochure download etc. We will help you to create a segmented email list for better management.

C. Confirm all opt-in with an autoresponder confirmation message: This can be done to send subscriber a welcome email and ask them to add your email address to their address book. We can also use double opt-in to avoid spamming.

D. Mobile Friendly Email: Considering the tremendous growth in smart phone we design emails mobile friendly.

E. Tracking results: We track each email, open rate, click rate and bounce rate to optimize campaign in right direction. 

F. Inbox Delivery & customer engagement

Our Email Marketing services focus on  high open, click and conversion rate. Our email marketing services are efficient and affordable to any business ranging from local to global. Contact us for any type  of Email Marketing services. 

We deliver Results


Increase in Online visibility


Increase in Lead Generation


Average Visit Duration Increase


Increase in organic traffic

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