Going global offers new horizons for growth, but it also requires thoughtful analysis and market research that supports the decision to do business in another country. Companies that are prepared with good market intelligence can optimize their chance for succeeding in export markets while mitigating risks along the way.

We provide a export market research report based upon available Import export market analysis. This report will be helpful in developing your global marketing strategy. We collect data from various sources which includes Import-export Data, Govt. Agency report, global information source and third party data.

export market research by Globexo

Export Market Research Strategy

Report will cover basic market research of your targeted product and country. This report will cover current market trends, competition and brief swot analysis. This report will cover followings:

  • Target Country Selection
  •  Market similarity
  •  Current trends in foreign trade
  • Product and Packaging Research
  •  Export analytics
  •  Foreign Country Policy
  •  Market news
  •  Available buyer database

Export Online Marketing Services