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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Step B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for SMEs

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Given how many people access internet everyday for their buying requirement, It make sense to invest in B2B digital marketing for every SMEs.

With increased penetration of internet, peoples as well as businesses are well connected. B2B digital marketing is a latest buzz in the marketing division of business. B2B digital marketing strategy can help SMEs to extend reach and increase visibility.


Many businesses still treat digital marketing as an unwanted appendage on the traditional marketing campaign but they need to change because Global B2B marketing is the future of cost effective and targeted marketing.

With proper b2b digital marketing strategy, a business can generate good no. of leads. A proper strategy involves following steps:

( 1 ) Get Found you on-line (Use Search engine optimization, link building, keyword, Search engine marketing and social media participation)

( 2 ) Connect with your potential customer, supplier and stake holder on-line (driving people to your website where they find compelling content, Infographics, User friendly layout )

( 3 ) Convert & generate lead (Website optimization, Proper call to action, landing page optimization, fill out a Call-to-Action on a landing page so you now have their contact information and permission to communicate with them on an on-going basis)

( 4 ) Engage and nurture them (Videos, Remarketing, Email marketing, educate your customer , give offers, continue to visit your site, download e brochure and offers, comment and respond to article and other posts, and help them to proceed to next step of their purchase decision process)

( 5 ) Sales and promoter ( after sales survey, feedback, testimonials)

Globexo offers dedicated services for SMEs to build their online reputation and to increase online visibility. We help of businesses to explore digital marketing to connect with their potential customer.  Our plans are suitable for your business needs and budget. You can drop us your need and we will deliver a customized solution with free web audit reports.